Analysis and design

"A project is perfect when there is nothing left to take away" (Anonymous)

Analysis and design Analysis and design. In this phase, we collect and study the information provided by the customer, including any drawings.Feasibility analysis is followed by the calculations necessary to offer the customer a price that will maximize revenue while keeping costs of production down. 

The technical department then carries out assessments of the drawings, working with the prototypes and samples department to be able to offer precision and durability.Using special software, we elaborate the projects that we send to the workshop, together with a list of materials needed. 

We are also equipped with 3D CAD-CAM stations capable of developing projects and elaborating customers’ 3D models, with the benefit of eliminating errors due to transcription.

  • Precision mechanical production

    Modern Human-Machine interfaces between IT systems and CNC and Cad-Cam machines, allows precision mechanics works, reducing delivery time and increasing reliability.
    Mimo works in all fields of mechanics, carrying out schemes of milling, turning and grinding flat components of all sizes. Mimo, a reliable partner for precision mechanics.

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