30 years of experience in special mechanical processing and manufacture and in mechanical processing for third parties.


A company founded in 1984, Mime specialised in precision machining in Padua right from the outset.

Our added value is the combination of punctuality, accuracy and versatility with which we have won the trust of a growing number of customers in the mechanical industry. In addition to third party mechanical processing, we offer a range of ancillary services such as heat treatment, painting, engravings, markings and advice on external treatments.

Mimo is also competitive in the execution of medium-size carpentry and in the production of small and large series at low cost. Technology, of course, but also extreme attention to human resources: each operator completely understands the machinery he is responsible for, to the point of almost considering it an extension of his body.

Human intervention makes it possible to maintain high standards of quality and to produce unique and extremely complex pieces.

The plant is powered by solar energy as a sign of our concern for the environment.



  • Precision mechanical production

    Modern Human-Machine interfaces between IT systems and CNC and Cad-Cam machines, allows precision mechanics works, reducing delivery time and increasing reliability.
    Mimo works in all fields of mechanics, carrying out schemes of milling, turning and grinding flat components of all sizes. Mimo, a reliable partner for precision mechanics.

  • Contacts

    • Via dell'Industria, 36 - 35020 - Brugine (Padova) ITALY
    • Ph: +39 049 5806061
    • Fax: +39 049 5806611
    • WhatsApp: +39 320 6132301
    • IT VAT : 03803110281